Sunday, 16 April 2017

Chris Ingram et al 14th-16th April

Here are the combined sightings of myself,  Theo Campbell,  Andrew McMillan and Mick Boyle for April 14th to 16th:

Mute Swan  the usual birds were on the lakes but on 15th a flock of 11 sub-adult birds were on south lake, departed by 16th
Whooper Swan  2 on south lake on 16th
Greylag  up to 7 birds
Barnacle Goose  flock of 15 in east
Brent Goose  9 off beach on 16th
Gadwall  2 on east lake on 15th
Eider  maximum count 7 males and 4 females
Great Northern Diver  4/5 offshore on 14th
Manx Shearwater  small numbers offshore
Peregrine  1 on 15th
Merlin  1 on 15th
Corncrake  1 singing in east on 14th and 15th
Golden Plover flocks of 2 and 4 over west town on 14th and 5 south lake 14th/15th
Whimbrel  2 on 15th, also dead bird at south lake, presumably hit the wires
Snipe  max of 7 on 15th
Jack Snipe  2 in east on 15t (AM MB)
Greenshank  'resident bird' seen daily
Arctic Skua  dark phase adult close inshore on 15th (CI TC)
Black-headed Gull  1 on north lake each day
Iceland Gull  1st year bird each day
Glaucous Gull  2nd year bird dead at south lake, obviously hit the wires
Wood Pigeon  1 in east on 14th and west on 15th, present for two weeks
Chough  just one pair seen each day
Swallow  maximum of 2
Chiffchaff  maximum of 4 on 14th
Blackcap  1 in east on 14th and 15th
Song Thrush 1 in east, resident?
Redwing  maximum of 8
Rock Pipit  1 'littoralis' on east beach 14th and 15th
Linnet  1 on 14th and 15th
Snow Bunting  male on 14th
Lapland Bunting  1, possibly 2 in east each day,  2 at north lake on 14th, male in summer plumage at north lake on 16th

Regards Chris

Iceland Gull

Mute Swans

Lapland Bunting

Brent Goose


Glaucous Gull 

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