Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Chris Ingram 30th October

Barnacle Goose 16 in east
Greylag 4 in east
Wigeon 13 on south lake
Teal 12 on east lake
Eider 16 (Anton)
Heron 2 possibly 3
Buzzard 1 west town
Kestrel 1 west town
Peregrine 2 over west town
Lapwing 4 in west
Curlew 13
Turnstone 31
Chough 2
Chiffchaff 3
Blackcap 3
Blackbird 2
Song Thrush 2
Redwing c.100
Robin 2
Chaffinch 2
Brambling 1 (Anton)
Redpoll 1 over calling

The tree by the priest's house has been completely cut down much to the annoyance and anger of many of the islanders.  It seems the guilty party has gone into hibernation!!

Regards Chris

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Joe Adamson 12th October

A Merlin and two Buzzards was the best on Tory today. Here 'til next Wednesday.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Chris Ingram 9-10th October

I was on Tory on 9th and 10th October; winds were strong SW and birding conditions again challenging.  List as follows:

Barnacle Goose  flock of 6 flying around south lake on 10th
Wigeon  5 on south lake on 10th
Teal  6 on east lake on 9th
Heron  1 both days
Kestrel  1 on 10th
Ringed Plover  3 on beach on 9th
Dunlin  1 each day
Curlew  max of 3
Redshank  6 on beach on 10th
Chough  max of 3 on 9th
Hooded Crow  flock of 12 on beach on 10
Robin   1 west town on 10th
Linnet  3 west town on 9th

Snow Bunting  2 in east on 9th

Snow Bunting C.Ingram

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Chris and Theo

Hi Peter,

Theo and I were on Tory on 28th and 29th (when we were stranded!) and briefly on 30th.  Conditions were very challenging with high winds and frequent showers.  Sightings as follows:

Wigeon  4 on south lake on 28th
Teal  3 on south lake on 28th, presumably same on east lake on 29th
Heron  2 on 29th
Kestrel  1 ech day
Ringed Plover  1 on beach each day
Black-tailed Godwit  1 flying east past south lake on 29th
Lapwing  1 at south lake on 29th
Chough  4 each day
Goldcrest  1/2 each day
Robin  1/2 west town each day
Wheatear  1 on 29th
Meadow Pipit  small influx on afternoon of 29th
Goldfinch  2 on 29th
Linnet  2 on 29th
Greenland Redpoll  1 on 29th

Regards Chris