Thursday, 23 April 2015

Chris Ingram 23rd April

I received an email from Chris who was on Tory for the day...

Hi Peter,

I took the short day trip to Tory today to collect two dead Iceland Gulls that Anton retrieved for me, and tomorrow I'm going to deliver them to Galway for stomach analysis to see if they ingested plastics.
My list today:

Great Northern Diver   1 in harbour
Brent Goose   c.20 passing harbour and later 6 on beach
Black-tailed Godwit  2 over west town and 7 over harbour
Golden Plover   6 in flight
Dunlin   3 on beach
Whimbrel   1
Iceland Gull  2nd yr over west town
Collared Dove  1 in Anton's
White Wagtail   2
Redwing  2
Blackcap   3
Chiffchaff   c.8
Linnet  a few

Regards Chris

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

18th 19th April

Continuing easterly  brough more migrants to Tory including a possible turbergi Yellow Wagtail, which would be a first for Tory . Hope fully Brad Robson will send me a trip report which I can post.

I rang Anton this evening. Migrants are continuing to pass through in numbers including good numbers of Chiffchaff and Willow Warblers. He had 5 Blackcap in the garden and the lake has been busy with 20 Barnacle Geese and 4 Greylag with one Brent noted. 4 to 5 Linnet have been present during the week and 2 Twite were seen feeding in the garden. Good numbers of Redwing have been passing north with up to 12 a day. 10 to 15 Tree Sparrow are back in residence. A WOOD Pigeon was seen during the week and up to 6 Collared Dove.
3 Swallow were seen today with the first one two weeks ago. One Iceland Gull remains. Possible breeders include  four Reed Bunting a female Blackbird two Song Thrush and a single DunnocK .

The first returning Corncrake was heard singing in the east end last night.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Chis Ingram and Theon Campbell

Hi Peter,

Theo Campbell and I were on Tory on 16th/17th;  here are our sightings:

Great Northern Diver   2 off east on 16th
Greylag   flock of c.100 flying west seen from from Greenport
Sparrowhawk   1 over sea on 17th
Kestrel   female on 16th
Merlin   female on both dates
Hobby  1st summer photographed by Anton at Greenport on 16th. Seen again around
               lighthouse, once chased by Merlin
Peregrine  1 on 16th
Golden Plover  flock of c.45 over bog road on 16th were joined by a bird from ground
                            which joined flock and started displaying and singing in mid air. Also 5
                            on 17th
Dunlin   1 on east lake on 16th
Whimbrel   1 calling on 17th
Black-headed Gull   20 (10prs?) on north lake
Iceland Gull   Wintering adult found dead.  2nd winter bird on beach on
                         days. A different 2nd year bird flew into beach on 16th,
                         rested for 10 minutes and then flew north
Puffin   A few birds off the east on 16th
Swallow   1 on 16th, 2 on 17th
Pied Wagtail   bird seen nest building in West Town
White Wagtail   c.4 on 16th,at least 12 on 17th
Robin   1 on both days around West Town
Song Thrush   2 males singing around West Town, also possibly a 3rd bird
                         on 17th
Blackcap   male on both days
Chiffchaff   3/4 both days
Willow Warbler  6 on 16th, 10 on 17th
Goldcrest   1 in Grace's garden on 16th
Greenfinch  1 on 17th
Goldfinch   2 on 16th, 1 on 17th
Linnet   4 on 17th
Reed Bunting   2 pairs around Anton's garden
Unfortunately the Great Tits and Dunnocks seem to have departed.

The Tormor is in for its annual service and a limited service with the Whispering Dawn is in operation for another week or so, leaving Magheroarty at 11.30.

Regards Chris

Thursday, 16 April 2015


A good day with plenty of migrants by all accounts. See  Irish Birding for totals.  Best bird apparently photographed by Anton.  2nd cy Hobby.  This would be a first island record. Looking forward to Chris's  report !

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Chris Ingram; 5th April

Chris was on Tory today for his first trip of the spring

Great Northern Diver  4 from ferry over
Mute Swan   2 in west, 1 in east
Whooper Swan  flock of 22 east
Wigeon  4 on west lake
Teal   1 on west lake, 11 on east lake
Eider  7 offshore
Merlin  female from ferry back, flying towards Tory
Peregrine  1 out at sea from Greenport
Lapwing  c. 10 pairs in west, 4 pairs in east
Golden Plover  1 calling, not seen
Snipe  1/2
Iceland Gull  adult in harbour, 2nd year on east lake
Black-headed Gull  4 on west lake
Skylark  c.30 across island and flock of 8 in off sea at east beach
Meadow Pipit  1 from ferry over mid-ocean flying north
Robin  1 in west
Dunnock  pair In Anton's east garden, male singing.  Will they breed?
Wheatear  c.5
Song Thrush  2 males singing + one other
Redwing  10-12
Great Tit  2 in Anton's east garden, overwintered. Will they breed?
Goldcrest  1 in Anton's garden (per Anton)
Jackdaw  1 west town
Chough  3 pairs in east
Reed Bunting  2 in Anton's garden (per Anton)

Also Basking Shark off Inishbofin