Sunday, 15 October 2017

Joe Adamson 12th October

A Merlin and two Buzzards was the best on Tory today. Here 'til next Wednesday.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Chris Ingram 9-10th October

I was on Tory on 9th and 10th October; winds were strong SW and birding conditions again challenging.  List as follows:

Barnacle Goose  flock of 6 flying around south lake on 10th
Wigeon  5 on south lake on 10th
Teal  6 on east lake on 9th
Heron  1 both days
Kestrel  1 on 10th
Ringed Plover  3 on beach on 9th
Dunlin  1 each day
Curlew  max of 3
Redshank  6 on beach on 10th
Chough  max of 3 on 9th
Hooded Crow  flock of 12 on beach on 10
Robin   1 west town on 10th
Linnet  3 west town on 9th

Snow Bunting  2 in east on 9th

Snow Bunting C.Ingram

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Chris and Theo

Hi Peter,

Theo and I were on Tory on 28th and 29th (when we were stranded!) and briefly on 30th.  Conditions were very challenging with high winds and frequent showers.  Sightings as follows:

Wigeon  4 on south lake on 28th
Teal  3 on south lake on 28th, presumably same on east lake on 29th
Heron  2 on 29th
Kestrel  1 ech day
Ringed Plover  1 on beach each day
Black-tailed Godwit  1 flying east past south lake on 29th
Lapwing  1 at south lake on 29th
Chough  4 each day
Goldcrest  1/2 each day
Robin  1/2 west town each day
Wheatear  1 on 29th
Meadow Pipit  small influx on afternoon of 29th
Goldfinch  2 on 29th
Linnet  2 on 29th
Greenland Redpoll  1 on 29th

Regards Chris

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Chris Ingram 21-22nd September

Hi Peter,

Here are my sightings for 21st and 22nd September:

Kestrel  1/2 both days
Merlin  1 on 21st
Water Rail  1 by the bog on 22nd
Ringed Plover  1 on beach on 21st, 4 there on 22nd
Knot  1 on beach on 21st
Snipe  few both days
Swift  1 over West Town on 22nd, flying east
Chough  flock of 6 both days
Willow Warbler  3 on 22nd
Lesser Whitethroat  1 in hotel bush on 22nd
Robin  1/2 both days
Pied Flycatcher  1 in Anton's on 21st
Wheatear  1 on 21st
Stonechat  1 on 22nd
Linnet   3 on 22nd

Regards Chris

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Robert Vaughan

Another quite day yesterday but a miserable, wet start to it. Chris picked up a/the lesser throat by the hotel and a swift at the east end. 3 willow warblers, 2 chiffchaffs and a couple of reed buntings about. A goldcrest was in the marsh behind west town and surprisingly had several calling along the cliff top above the football pitch. 2 water rails seen around the heli pad again, had 2 redpolls briefly that looked quite small but couldnt get much on them. Hopefully be back out again next month.

Friday, 22 September 2017

22nd September Ronert Vaughan

Quite day yesterday, but very bright and calm start to it. A male blackcap, 2 new reed buntings (a female in west town and a male in east town each day) hinted that there may be movement but that was it. The pied fly was still about, hunting from the playground early on. Had 2 redpolls a few times around west town but never showed well. 5 robins, song thrush, 6 chough, 2-3 kestrel and a merlin about. This morning is pretty miserable out here, rain and wind, will be off this evening.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Robert Vaughan 20th part two

A quite day with all day drizzle and fairly windy at times. The pied fly was still about, a few laplands and 2 redpoll flying around west town early on. Flushed an imm and ad water rail around the helipad, with another calling in Antons east patch. A knot was in the harbour this eve, with a single ringed plover earlier. Merlin and 2 kestrels about. Out to sea a few gannet, 2 kittiwake, a fulmar and 3 razorbill. 3 willow warbler also. 

Pied Flycatcher

Pied Flycatcher

Water Rail

Robert Vaughan 20th September

A new redpoll in west town. Looks good for Meally Redpoll

Gerard Murray 19th September

Some shots from yesterday



Pied Flycatcher

Greenland Redpoll

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

19th September

Hey Peter, great to see you and Ger out here today. Not too much to report you didn't have yourselves. 2 greenland redpoll ranging about west town, the lesser throat appeared again early morning, and an early goldcrest in the afternoon. 2 or 3 lapland buntings were up around the lighth-house, and I flushed a corncrake near the heli-pad. The juv stonechat was still about and nice views of Gers pied fly again this eve. 
Lapland Bunting

Monday, 18 September 2017

Robeet Baughan and Ralph Sheppard 18th September

Another nice day, bit of a clear out over night. 2 greenland redpoll became 3 this afternoon in west town. 20 twite were very flighty over the football pitch. A lapland at the east end never settled. Song thrush and redwing east end with 4 or 5 robins about today, atleast 3 yday. 2 kestrels, a juv sprok amd buzzard about, 1 manxie out to sea in an hour this eve! 2 wheatear and 7 chough. Had a spotty juv stonechat yday, not sure how local it was.


Greenland Redpoll

17th September Robert Vaughan

A good start with a lot of phylloscs. Quitened down afternoon and evening. Red throathed pipit at the south lake, flushed twice. Buffy lesser throat west town. 2 greenland polls, 2 whinbrel, 10 white wags, 10 willow, 10 chiff, 7 chough, kestrel, merlin and buzzard. Quite out to sea.

Lesser Whitethroat

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Red-throated Pipit

Robert Vaughan is on Tory for a few days. Best so far Red throated Pipit (2nd island record), 2 Greenland Redpolls, 1 Lesser Whitethroat amd plenty of willow/chiffchaff

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Lapland Buntings

A flock of at least five Lapand Bunting at the Lighthouse today. Grace Meenan had a Greenland Redpoll.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Chris and Theo 24-26 May

Theo and I were on Tory on 24th - 26th May. List as follows: 

Greylag 2 still present north lake
Shelduck 2 on east beach on 25th
Manx Shearwater
Storm Petrel 1 west on 25th
Buzzard 1 on 26th
Peregrine 1 on 25th
Corncrake 2 in east, about 10 west town
Dunlin up to 10 present
Sanderling 1 on west beach 25th / 26th
Whimbrel 2+ each day
Curlew 1 each day
Black-tailed Godwit 1 on 24th and 25th
Great Skua 2 off east on 25th
Iceland Gull 2cy bird still present
Arctic Tern very small numbers
Little Tern 3 breeding pairs (Gerry Bond)
Wood Pigeon 1 present each day
Collared Dove 1 present on 24th and 25th, influx on 11 on 26th
Hooded Crow flock of 12 on 25th
Sand Martin 2 on 24th
House Martin 1 on 24th and 25th
Chiffchaff up to 3 present
Blackcap 1 singing on 25th
Sedge Warbler 3/4 singing males
White Wagtail 1 on beach on 26th
Tree Pipit 1 flushed from Anton's east on 25th (TC)
Reed Bunting max of 4, pair mating on 25th

Regards Chris

Friday, 19 May 2017

Robert Vaughan 6th-11th May

Hi Peter,
I was on Tory 6-11 May, blue skies and sun beating down each day
again! Highlight was 2 white-bills of the east east end on 9th and
10th, a leach's petrel on the 8th and a very showy wood warbler the
same day.

Red-throated Diver- 1 summer bird flying east on the 9th.
Great Northern Diver- Approx 20 each day.
White-billed Diver- 1 winter bird on the 9th, 2 winter birds on 10th.
Fulmar- good numbers each day.
Manx Shearwater- Small numbers each day, bigger push on the 8th.
Leach's Storm-petrel- 1 flying east on the 8th.
Gannet- Good numbers passing and feeding off-shore.
Cormorant- Atleast 20 around the island each day.
Shag- Bigger numbers than Cormorant.
Mute Swan- 6 adults.
Whooper Swan- Sub-adult still on the east lake.
Greylag Goose- 6 or so each day, moved between east and west end.
Brent Goose- 2 2nd years 7th west end.
Mallard- 3 females with 5-9 young spread out. Approx 10 adults each day.
Tufted Duck- 9 west end.
Eider- 2 males together a few times and a pair east end on the 8th.
Buzzard- 1 reported by the 'T' a few times,I only saw it on the 8th.
Peregrine- Adult male and 2nd year male most days.
Merlin- Female east end flew to the mainland on the 9th, female by the
lighthouse on 10th.
Corncrake- Atleast 10 singing males, 7 west town, 3 east. Probably 2
females atleast around West town.
Pheasant- Female East town.
Oystercatcher- Several pairs, 3 eggs on a nest east end.
Ringed Plover- 50 plus about the island, several pairs, 1 with 4 eggs east end.
Golden Plover- Small numbers each day.
Lapwing- Common, 4 tiny chicks around the east lake each day.
Sanderling- 1 West town on 10th had been seen by others previously.
Turnstone- not huge numbers, 10 each beach and a few around the island.
Dunlin- huge numbers! A few large flocks, one of 250+ moving between
east and west beach, a few pairs west end.
Common Sand- 2 each day, probably a bit of turn-over of individuals.
Redshank- A few pairs about.
Black-tailed Godwit- 3 west end 7th and 8th.
Bar-tailed Godwit- 1 on the 7th, 2 each day afterwards.
Curlew- 2 on the 9th and 10th.
Whimbrel- Approx 20 each day, mostly flocks moving off shore.
Snipe- several flushed and drumming each day.
Great Skua- a pair along the north cliffs most days.
Black-headed Gull- c. 50 each day at the lighthouse lake.
Common Gull- c. 200 most days.
Herring Gull- Common, no counts.
Lesser-black backed Gull- small numbers each day.
Great Black-backed Gull- Small numbers each day.
Kittiwake- Common, small passage off-shore.
Iceland Gull- 2nd year each day.
Little Tern- 2 feeding off west end on the 9th.
Arctic Tern- 7 9th west end, a few off the east end on 10th.
Puffin- Common.
Black Guillemot- Less conspicuous than last month, small numbers around.
Razorbill- As above.
Guillemot- As above, no 'bridled' birds seen.
Feral Pigeon- c. 10 each day.
Collared Dove- A pair on the 6th, 1 each day after that.
Cuckoo- 1 1st summer male around the football pitch on the 11th.
Skylark- common.
Sand Martin- 1-2 on the 9th.
Swallow- Common.
House Martin- 2 east end each day, atleast 7 on the 9th.
Rock Pipit- c. 50 each day, 1 Littoralis west town.
Meadow Pipit- c. 50 each day.
Pied Wagtail- Several, 3 fresh juvs. on the west beach on 11th.
White Wagtail- 2 most days.
Wren- Common.
Robin- 1 East end 6th and 7th.
Wheatear- Common.
Whinchat- 1 male on the 6th.
Stonechat- 1 male on the 8th, east end.
Blackbird- Female dead east end on the 8th.
Whitethroat- Female magic bush on the 6th, male east end on 8th.
Sedge Warbler- several singing birds from the 7th.
Willow Warbler- 2 most days, a northern bird on the 10th in the magic bush.
Wood Warbler- Chris found 1 on the east beach on the 9th.
Chiffchaff- c. 5 most days.
Goldcrest- 1 West town on the 6th.
Hooded Crow- atleast 18.
Raven- 2 pairs, 3 fledged young in the west end.
Chough- 2 pairs.
Starling- Common, several families out from the 8th.
Tree Sparrow- c. 20 each day.
Chaffinch- Female 6th- 9th west town.
Linnet- 2 pairs.
Goldfinch- 1 a couple of times on 8-10th.
Siskin- Female on the 7th and 8th. 3 Males on the 10th and 11th.
Reed Bunting- Female east end, a pair below Graces and marsh behind
the Kings house.

All the best,

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Chris Ingram and Theo Campbell

Hi Peter,

On the 16th Theo and I had two Chiffchaffs, including the grey one, Spotted Flycatcher, 1st w (2cy) Iceland Gull and a Whimbrel.
On the 17th all the migrants had left, although Anton had a Goldcrest in his garden. Little else to be found but the Iceland Gull with a gammy left leg was on the beach, as was a Whimbrel. There were c.60 Arctic Terns but no sign of any Little Terns. Two immature Greta Black Backs were fighting over a dead baby Rabbit after one failed to swallow it whole! Best birds were 2 Shelducks which flew off the south lake and out to sea. Hope for better luck next week!

Regards Chris

Glaucous Gull and Dark Chiffchaff

Spotted Flycatcher 


Glaucous Gull 

Glaucous Gull 

Paul Lynch et al

Hi Peter

Here is our list for the 3 days. I was with Brian Carruthers, Thomas Kavannagh and James Hayes. Gadwall was only seen by Brian and Storm Petrel by James. I had a grey wader at sea heading east on the 14th. I was thinking Phalarope species but didn't see it well enough to call. The Warbler in Antons brothers garden on the 13th is proving to be a bit of a mystery. Killian called it as Dusky based on the video footage but then changed his mind on seeing stills. It was a very brown bird and primary projection seems very short for Chiffchaff. Paul Kelly reviewed the shots as well and is also unsure.

(The 'Dusky Warbler' has since been down graded to a Chiffchaff.)

Great Northern Diver
Manx Shearwater 20 + daily
Storm-petrel  1 on 13th
Grey Heron 1 over harbour on 14th
Mute Swan
Whooper swan
Greylag Goose 2 flying west on 14th
Gadwall east lake on 13th
Tufted Duck
Red-breasted Merganser Female in the harbour on the 14th
Merlin 1 seen several times on the 13th
Ringed Plover
Ruff 1 Male on the lighthouse lake on the 13th
Black-tailed Godwit 1 on the East lake on 12th
Whimbrel 20 + daily
Great Skua 2 loafing around the east end on the 13th                      
Black-headed Gull
Common Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Herring Gull
Iceland Gull 1 in the harbour daily
Great Black-backed Gull
Sandwich Tern 2 west end on the 13th
Arctic Tern
Black Guillemot
Rock Dove
Stock Dove
Collared Dove
Sand Martin 1 or 2 daily
House Martin 2 in harbour on 13th
Meadow Pipit
Rock Pipit
Pied Wagtail
White Wagtail 1 on 12th
Redstart Female in Antons garden daily
Sedge Warbler 2 or 3 singing males
Whitethroat 1 in ewest town on 13th
Chiffchaff 3 or 4 daily
Willow Warbler 1 or 2 daily
Spotted Flycatcher 1 in Antons brothers garden on 13th
Hooded Crow
House Sparrow 1 in west town on 12th
Tree Sparrow
Chaffinch Male in Antons garden on 12th, female daily
Siskin 1 in west town on 12th and 13th
Linnet Pair in east town
Reed Bunting

Regards Paul

Monday, 15 May 2017

Baltimore Oriole and Dusky Warbler

Its all happening on Tory. Dusky warbler identified from video footage and a Baltimore Oriole photographed in Antons garden yesterday. Still present today
Baltimore Oriole (Anton Meenan)

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Chris Ingram

Theo and I was on Tory 8th,9th and 10th May. Richard Smith on 8th and 9th. Robert Vaughan and Eric and Hazel Dempsey were also there and will no doubt send you their sightings.

Whooper Swan  long stayer still on east lake each day
Greylag  up to 7 on west lakes
Brent Goose  2 on south lake on 10th
Mallard  female with 7 ducklings on east lake
Great Northern Diver  12-15 off east end
White-billed Diver  1 on 9th off east
Manx Shearwater  small but steady passage each day
Heron  1 in west on 10th
Merlin female present each day
Peregrine  1 on 9th
Corncrake  probably at least 10 singing males
Golden Plover  small numbers each day
Knot  2 at south lake on 10th
Dunlin  large numbers, probably up to 250 each day
Bar-tailed Godwit  2 on east beach each day
Whimbrel  maximum of 16 on 9th
Common Sandpiper  1 on 8th and 9th
Great Skua  2 over west on 8th and singles offshore on 9th and 10th
Black-headed Gull  30+ at colony on north lake
Iceland Gull  2nd year bird still present
Arctic Tern  up to 10 each day
Collared Dove  1 present each day in east
Swift  1 in east on 10th
Chough  2 pairs
Wood Warbler  1 feeding on east beach on 9th
Chiffchaff  up to 4
Willow Warbler  1 on 9th and 10th
Sedge Warbler  3/4 birds singing
White Wagtail  up to 2 present
Linnet  1/2 each day
Reed Bunting  1 in east on 9th

Regards Chris 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

White billed Divers again....

Quite day. A northern willow and a small fall of chiffs and sedgies and two White billed Divers!

Yesterday there was a very nice Wood Warbler feeding on the beach at East .

Fantastic photo of the Wood Warbler here;

Monday, 1 May 2017

Theo and Chris 27th-28th April

Here are the sightings of Theo and I for 27th-28th April:

Whooper Swan  1 east lake on 27th
Greylag  at least 2 still
Great Northern Diver  3/4 offshore on 27th
Manx Shearwater  small passage past on 28th
Peregrine  1 on 28th
Corncrake  1 in east, 1 in west
Golden Plover  5 over west town on 27th, 21 in west and 3 over west town on 28th
Dunlin  up to 5 on beach each day
Jack Snipe  2 over bog road on 28th
Snipe  small numbers
Black-tailed Godwit  1 on east beach on 27th,  16 in west on 28th
Whimbrel  1/2 both days
Great Skua  2 offshore on 27th
Black-headed Gull  30 on north lake on 28th
Iceland Gull  1st winter bird still present
Swallow  small fall on 28th
Chiffchaff   2 on 27th
Redwing  3 on 27th
Black Redstart  1 on 27th around school
White Wagtail  up to 5 around island both days
Lapland Bunting  2 in Anton's east garden, present for a few weeks.

The Tormor is in for its annual service and the Whispering Dawn is running from Magheroarty.  It would be advisable to check sailing times as they may vary.

Regards Chris

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Robert Vaughan 19th-22nd April

Hi Peter,
a good few days on Tory again from 19-22, not a huge amount in the way
of migration, but some great birds, and some good weather.

Great northern diver- 12+ each day, swell made it difficult to count.
Fumar- Common.
Manx Shearwater- Small numbers passing through out the trip.
Gannet- Good numbers around the island.
Shag-  high count of 40 east end, several more all around the island.
Cormorant- not as numerous as shag.
Whooper Swan- 1 adult each day east end.
Mute Swan- 6 each day.
Brent Goose- 2 West end 19 and 20, 40 east end 22 including 3 ringed
birds, will send on details when I track them down.
Barnacle Goose- 75+ over Inishmore on way out, a flock of 12 or so
most days passed the island.
Shelduck- Male east end 20.
Mallard- 10 each day.
Teal- Roughly 20 each day.
Tufted Duck- 9 each day west end, a pair east end on 21.
Eider- two males and a female each day, 11 on 20, west harbour.
Sparrowhawk- Female on the 20, east end.
Merlin- A pair around the lighthouse most days.
Peregrine- A pair on 19 above west town, a second year east end on 20.
Corncrake- Male east end each day.
Oystercatcher- Common.
Ringed Plover- Common breeder, a flock of 34 flying around harbour 19 and 20.
Golden Plover- Several flocks overhead, on the deck 5 east end 20, 30
west end 21.
Grey Plover- A winter bird with the golden plover on 21.
Lapwing- Common.
Turnstone- 15-20 between the beaches.
Dunlin- Small numbers, no pairs seemed to be holding territory, a
flock of 50 plus by the lake on the lighthouse road on 20.
Whimbrel- less than 10 19 and 20, numbers rose and a few flocks of 30+
21 and 22 over the sea.
Black-tailed Godwit- 4 east end 19 and 20, 35 west end and 1 east end on 21.
Redshank- Common, several birds holding territory.
Snipe- a few big flocks passed over the island on 21 and 22, 2 flocks
of 30 east end plus 20 flushed shortly after.
Arctic Skua- 1 dark phase east end 19.
Great Skua- 2-3 each day except 21.
Black-headed Gull- 10 pairs lighthouse lake, 2 off east end on 22 were unusual.
Kittiwake- Common.
Common Gull- Common.
Iceland Gull- 2nd Cal year each day, same as last month.
Lesser Black-backed Gull- 10-20 each day.
Great Black-backed Gull- 30 most days, mostly adults.
Guilemot- common, several bridled seen, atleast 10 on 20.
Razorbill- Common.
Puffin- Good numbers off-shore, none on the cliffs again.
Black Guillemot- Common.
Woodpigeon- 1 19 and 20.
Turtle Dove- 1 21 and 22.
Skylark- Common.
Swallow- About 10 each day, numbers constant.
House martin- 1 east harbour on 21.
Rock Pipit- Smaller numbers than last month, no sign of any littoralis.
Meadow Pipit- Common.
White Wagtail- Roughly 6 each day, all males.
Pied Wagtail- Roughly 10 each day, all males as with last month.
Wren- Common.
Dunnock- One east end on 20.
Black Redstart- 1 19 and 20, female type.
Stonechat- male east end 20.
Wheatear- Common, plenty of pairs holding territory, a few Greenland
types about also.
Redwing- 20+ most days, several looked good for Icelandic.
Blackcap- female each day east end.
Chiffchaff- 5 on 19, atleast 20 the folowing day, numbers dropping a
little after.
Willow warbler- 1 on 19, 10 the following day and dropping as above.
Goldcrest- 1 east end on 22.
Starling- Common.
Chough- Probably 6, always 2 east and west end, 4 east end on a few occasions.
Ravens- 2 pairs.
Hooded Crow- 11 at a rabbit carcass was a high count.
Tree sparrow- appeared everywhere, no big flocks, hard to estimate.
Chaffinch- Male each day apart from 22.
Linnet- 7 around the lighthouse 20.
Twite- 2 females 21 and 22.
Reed Bunting- 3 males and a female most days.
Snow Bunting- 1 summer male west end each day.
Lapland Bunting- 4 each day, 1 stunning summer male.

Not much else to report, a grey seal off the east end each day and a
bat sp. flying around infront of the pub on the 20.



Turtle Dove 

Lapland Bunting

Lapland Bunting

Snow Bunting 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Derek Brennan 22nd April

Few shots from today. Not much new about.
Best are...

Lapland bunting 3
Twite 2
Great skua 2
Barnacle goose 6
Brent goose 40 (guess)
Iceland gull 1


Turtle Dove 

Lapland Bunting 

Lapland Bunting 

Lapland Bunting 

Lapland Bunting 

Turtle Dove 

Friday, 21 April 2017

Derek Brennan continued..

Turtle dove 1
Merlin 2
Peregrine 2
Chiffchaff 8
Willow Warbler 6
Blackcap 1
Snow bunting 1
Lapland bunting 4
Golden plover 33
Black tailed godwit 32
Grey plover 1
Greylags 12
Great skua 2

21st April Derek Brennan

Derek Brennan found a turtle dove, 2 twite. 4 lapland buntings and the snow bunting still on tory. Nice fall of phylloscs, about 20 each of willow warblers and chiffchaffs. House Martin also

20th April Robert Vaughan

4 lapland buntings. Male snow bunting. Artic skua. Black redstart. 12 white wagtails. 30 whimbrel. 5 golden plover. 1 stonechat

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Robert Vaughan

Good day on tory. 4 laplands, black Red,  Iceland gull, bonxie, merlin,2 peregrine, woodpigeon, magpie, plenty of gn divers but nothing rarer yet!


A rare visitor to Tory

Magpie(Anton Meenan)

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Chris Ingram et al 14th-16th April

Here are the combined sightings of myself,  Theo Campbell,  Andrew McMillan and Mick Boyle for April 14th to 16th:

Mute Swan  the usual birds were on the lakes but on 15th a flock of 11 sub-adult birds were on south lake, departed by 16th
Whooper Swan  2 on south lake on 16th
Greylag  up to 7 birds
Barnacle Goose  flock of 15 in east
Brent Goose  9 off beach on 16th
Gadwall  2 on east lake on 15th
Eider  maximum count 7 males and 4 females
Great Northern Diver  4/5 offshore on 14th
Manx Shearwater  small numbers offshore
Peregrine  1 on 15th
Merlin  1 on 15th
Corncrake  1 singing in east on 14th and 15th
Golden Plover flocks of 2 and 4 over west town on 14th and 5 south lake 14th/15th
Whimbrel  2 on 15th, also dead bird at south lake, presumably hit the wires
Snipe  max of 7 on 15th
Jack Snipe  2 in east on 15t (AM MB)
Greenshank  'resident bird' seen daily
Arctic Skua  dark phase adult close inshore on 15th (CI TC)
Black-headed Gull  1 on north lake each day
Iceland Gull  1st year bird each day
Glaucous Gull  2nd year bird dead at south lake, obviously hit the wires
Wood Pigeon  1 in east on 14th and west on 15th, present for two weeks
Chough  just one pair seen each day
Swallow  maximum of 2
Chiffchaff  maximum of 4 on 14th
Blackcap  1 in east on 14th and 15th
Song Thrush 1 in east, resident?
Redwing  maximum of 8
Rock Pipit  1 'littoralis' on east beach 14th and 15th
Linnet  1 on 14th and 15th
Snow Bunting  male on 14th
Lapland Bunting  1, possibly 2 in east each day,  2 at north lake on 14th, male in summer plumage at north lake on 16th

Regards Chris

Iceland Gull

Mute Swans

Lapland Bunting

Brent Goose


Glaucous Gull