Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Joe Adamson mid October

Tory Records 12th – 18th October 2017
Whooper Swan
15th Oct. Flock of 41 over West Town, coming in from the north. Second flock of 17 over North Lake. Flock heard and poorly observed over An Club at 2000hrs.
Pink-footed Goose
15th Oct. 3 birds with the flock of 41 Whoopers
Greylag Goose
15th Oct. 17 flying west, north of hotel.
Barnacle Goose
14th Oct. 4 over West Town. 12 over West Town on 18th Oct.
14th Oct. 4 in harbour (3 females)
14th Oct. 4 North Lake
14th Oct. 6 North Lake
Grey Heron
15th Oct. At least 4 on the Island
Common Buzzard
12th Oct.  2 behind the Post Office.  13th Oct. 1 over West Town. 17th Oct. 1 near lighthouse
14th Oct. 1 over football pitch. 17th Oct. 1 south of Anton’s garden. 18th Oct. West Town.
Individual on 14th, 15th, 16th  and 17th Oct.
Peregrine Falcon
15th Oct. 1 East Town. 17th Oct. 2 East End
12th Oct. Imm over West Town. 17th Oct. 1 near Lighthouse
Water Rail
15th Oct. 1 heard south of Grace Anne’s house. 17th Oct. 1 calling near magic bush
18th Oct. 7 at harbour.
Ringed Plover
15th Oct. 1 heard in harbour. 17th Oct. 1 at harbour. 18th Oct. 11 at harbour
Golden Plover
Singles flying south over island on all dates.
15th Oct. Up to 25 over island
Arctic Tern
14th Oct. Imm. in harbour
1 at harbour on 18th Oct.
17th Oct. 1 over East Town
Song Thrush
15th Oct. 1 West Town. 17th Oct. 1 Anton’s East Garden.
15th Oct. Influx of c. 150 over island. 17th Oct. Large influx involving several hundred birds.
17th Oct. 1 West Town
17th Oct. 2. One in each of Anton’s gardens
Willow Warbler
14th Oct. 1 West Town
15th Oct. 1 East Town. 17th Oct. 1 Anton’s East Garden
A pair over island on all dates. Appears to be only one pair on the island. 18th Oct. 5 over West Town. (These birds are probably some of the flock of 17 that Anton saw coming in from the mainland on the same day)
17th Oct. 1 in Anton’s East Garden
17th Oct. Up to 6 birds on the island.
15th Oct. 1 in Anton’s East Garden
Snow Bunting

15th Oct. 2 over East Town. 17th Oct. 1 over cliffs in East.