Sunday, 16 October 2016

Robert Vaughan 9th-13th October

Hi Peter,
hoping to get back up this week end if the weather looks promising,
long term forecast looks a little wet!

Great Northern Diver-     2 west at end on 9th, 1 south over the
island on 10th, 3 flying east off the east end 12th.
Gannet-                        Several each day all around the island,
well over 250 following a fishing boat off north cliffs on 12th.
Cormorant-                   Approx 10 each day
Shag-                           Approx 10 each day
Grey Heron-                 2-3 each day
Whooper swan-            1 east end each day
Mute Swan-                 1 east end and 3 west end
Greylag Goose-            4 east end
Barnacle Goose-          2 east over the lighthouse on 12th
Wigeon-                       Approx 20 each day, numbers stable
Mallard-                       Approx 20 each day
Pintail-                         Female 12th east end
Teal-                            Approx 50 each day, numbers stable
Eider-                          7-10 each, one showing features of
Borealis on 13th.
Hen Harrier-                 Juv female 11th-12th
Sparrowhawk-              Juv female each day.
Merlin-                         1 female each day, possibly 2 birds.
Peregrine-                    Adult pair and one juv most days
Kestrel-                       2 Juv or females each day.
Buzzard-                     2-3 adults each day.
Water rail-                   1 heard by the magic bush on 10th and 12th.
Oystercatcher-             no count, several around the island eachday
Golden Plover-             Only 1 heard high overhead several times on the 10th.
Lapwing-                     1 on 12th
Turnstone-                   Approx 30 each day
Dunlin-                        Only 2 on the 12th West lake
Curlew-                       Approx 15 each day
Redshank-                  Approx 10 each day
Woodcock-                 1 flushed from lighthouse compound 12th
Snipe-                        About a dozen flushed each day
Jack snipe-                1 east end 12th
Arctic Skua-               1 adult from the boat on 9th
Common Gull-            Roughly 5 adults each day
Herring Gull-               Roughly 50 each day
Great black backed gull-  10-15 each day
Lesser black backed gull-  1-2 juveniles most days
Guillemot-                   A few dozen each day, mostly flying west
Razorbill-                    As above
Feral pigeon-              High count of 28 West town, but more about
Skylarks-                   Small numbers calling over head on 10th
and 12th, never on the deck.
Rock Pipit-                 Approx 50 each day,
Meadow Pipit-            Big numbers passing overhead early morning on
9th and 10th. roughly 50 each day after.
Tree Pipit-                 1 flew East over the harbour early on the
10th, 1 East end 13th,
Pied Wagtail-             Approx 12 each day, all Yarrellii and mostly
males, numbers constant.
Wren-                       Common
Dunnock-                  1 East end each day, 1 Magic bush 12th
Robin-                      1 9th, 3 10th, 1 11th, 4 12th and 2-3 on 13th
Whinchat-                 1 juv 12th
Wheatear-                 male 9th, juv greenland type east end on
11th and 12th with another lighthouse area on 12th.
Blackbird-                 Male on 9th, male and female on 10th.
Fieldfare-                  small numbers passing each day.
Redwing-                  small numbers each day, 1 on the 9th looked
good for Icelandic, the rest siberian
Song Thrush-            4 on the 11th
Blackcap-                 2-4 each day
Chiffchaff-                5 first day, similar numbers each day but
only 1 on 11th
Siberian Chiffchaff-   1 on the 10th east patch.
Yellow browed warbler-   4 on 9th and 7 on 10th with none after that
Goldcrest-                5 on the 9th, atleast 12 on 10th, with
numbers slowly dropping but birds spread out across the island.
Starling-                   Roughly 250 or so
Chough-                   Only 2 each day
Jackdaw-                 3 from the 10th
Raven-                     4 each day
Hooded crow-           high count of 11 but may have been more
Tree sparrow-           no large flocks, saw several small flocks of 5
plus birds in both towns
Goldfinch-                12 on the 9th, grew to atleast 30 on each of
the following days
Scarlet Rosefinch-    1 flighty bird, east end on 11th, flew over the
lighthouse before flying east on 12th
Snow Bunting-          2 flew high and East on 10th probably snow. 1
male at the lighthouse on the 12th                                                                                                 

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