Thursday, 22 October 2015

Melodious Warbler

Hi Peter,
Theo and I were on Tory on 15th and 16th October, celebrating my 60 years birding! List as follows:
Red-throated Diver  1 over west town
Heron  1 on beach on 16th
Brent Goose  2 west from south lake
Teal  12 south lake
Sparrowhawk  1
Kestrel  1
Peregrine  1
Merlin  1
Buzzard  1
Golden Plover  2 on 15th
Arctic Skua  1 west from Greenport
Swallow  2 on 16th (Anton)
Robin  1/2 west town
Song Thrush  3
Redwing  3 on 16th
Fieldfare 1 on 16th
Melodious Warbler  1 in hotel tree
Chiffchaff  2
Yellow-browed Warbler  1 in magic bush
Spotted Flycatcher  1 on 16th
Goldfinch 5  
Snow Bunting  1
Regards Chris

I am fairly sure Melodious Warbler is a new species for Tory .

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