Thursday, 27 April 2017

Robert Vaughan 19th-22nd April

Hi Peter,
a good few days on Tory again from 19-22, not a huge amount in the way
of migration, but some great birds, and some good weather.

Great northern diver- 12+ each day, swell made it difficult to count.
Fumar- Common.
Manx Shearwater- Small numbers passing through out the trip.
Gannet- Good numbers around the island.
Shag-  high count of 40 east end, several more all around the island.
Cormorant- not as numerous as shag.
Whooper Swan- 1 adult each day east end.
Mute Swan- 6 each day.
Brent Goose- 2 West end 19 and 20, 40 east end 22 including 3 ringed
birds, will send on details when I track them down.
Barnacle Goose- 75+ over Inishmore on way out, a flock of 12 or so
most days passed the island.
Shelduck- Male east end 20.
Mallard- 10 each day.
Teal- Roughly 20 each day.
Tufted Duck- 9 each day west end, a pair east end on 21.
Eider- two males and a female each day, 11 on 20, west harbour.
Sparrowhawk- Female on the 20, east end.
Merlin- A pair around the lighthouse most days.
Peregrine- A pair on 19 above west town, a second year east end on 20.
Corncrake- Male east end each day.
Oystercatcher- Common.
Ringed Plover- Common breeder, a flock of 34 flying around harbour 19 and 20.
Golden Plover- Several flocks overhead, on the deck 5 east end 20, 30
west end 21.
Grey Plover- A winter bird with the golden plover on 21.
Lapwing- Common.
Turnstone- 15-20 between the beaches.
Dunlin- Small numbers, no pairs seemed to be holding territory, a
flock of 50 plus by the lake on the lighthouse road on 20.
Whimbrel- less than 10 19 and 20, numbers rose and a few flocks of 30+
21 and 22 over the sea.
Black-tailed Godwit- 4 east end 19 and 20, 35 west end and 1 east end on 21.
Redshank- Common, several birds holding territory.
Snipe- a few big flocks passed over the island on 21 and 22, 2 flocks
of 30 east end plus 20 flushed shortly after.
Arctic Skua- 1 dark phase east end 19.
Great Skua- 2-3 each day except 21.
Black-headed Gull- 10 pairs lighthouse lake, 2 off east end on 22 were unusual.
Kittiwake- Common.
Common Gull- Common.
Iceland Gull- 2nd Cal year each day, same as last month.
Lesser Black-backed Gull- 10-20 each day.
Great Black-backed Gull- 30 most days, mostly adults.
Guilemot- common, several bridled seen, atleast 10 on 20.
Razorbill- Common.
Puffin- Good numbers off-shore, none on the cliffs again.
Black Guillemot- Common.
Woodpigeon- 1 19 and 20.
Turtle Dove- 1 21 and 22.
Skylark- Common.
Swallow- About 10 each day, numbers constant.
House martin- 1 east harbour on 21.
Rock Pipit- Smaller numbers than last month, no sign of any littoralis.
Meadow Pipit- Common.
White Wagtail- Roughly 6 each day, all males.
Pied Wagtail- Roughly 10 each day, all males as with last month.
Wren- Common.
Dunnock- One east end on 20.
Black Redstart- 1 19 and 20, female type.
Stonechat- male east end 20.
Wheatear- Common, plenty of pairs holding territory, a few Greenland
types about also.
Redwing- 20+ most days, several looked good for Icelandic.
Blackcap- female each day east end.
Chiffchaff- 5 on 19, atleast 20 the folowing day, numbers dropping a
little after.
Willow warbler- 1 on 19, 10 the following day and dropping as above.
Goldcrest- 1 east end on 22.
Starling- Common.
Chough- Probably 6, always 2 east and west end, 4 east end on a few occasions.
Ravens- 2 pairs.
Hooded Crow- 11 at a rabbit carcass was a high count.
Tree sparrow- appeared everywhere, no big flocks, hard to estimate.
Chaffinch- Male each day apart from 22.
Linnet- 7 around the lighthouse 20.
Twite- 2 females 21 and 22.
Reed Bunting- 3 males and a female most days.
Snow Bunting- 1 summer male west end each day.
Lapland Bunting- 4 each day, 1 stunning summer male.

Not much else to report, a grey seal off the east end each day and a
bat sp. flying around infront of the pub on the 20.



Turtle Dove 

Lapland Bunting

Lapland Bunting

Snow Bunting 

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