Sunday, 24 September 2017

Chris Ingram 21-22nd September

Hi Peter,

Here are my sightings for 21st and 22nd September:

Kestrel  1/2 both days
Merlin  1 on 21st
Water Rail  1 by the bog on 22nd
Ringed Plover  1 on beach on 21st, 4 there on 22nd
Knot  1 on beach on 21st
Snipe  few both days
Swift  1 over West Town on 22nd, flying east
Chough  flock of 6 both days
Willow Warbler  3 on 22nd
Lesser Whitethroat  1 in hotel bush on 22nd
Robin  1/2 both days
Pied Flycatcher  1 in Anton's on 21st
Wheatear  1 on 21st
Stonechat  1 on 22nd
Linnet   3 on 22nd

Regards Chris

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Robert Vaughan

Another quite day yesterday but a miserable, wet start to it. Chris picked up a/the lesser throat by the hotel and a swift at the east end. 3 willow warblers, 2 chiffchaffs and a couple of reed buntings about. A goldcrest was in the marsh behind west town and surprisingly had several calling along the cliff top above the football pitch. 2 water rails seen around the heli pad again, had 2 redpolls briefly that looked quite small but couldnt get much on them. Hopefully be back out again next month.

Friday, 22 September 2017

22nd September Ronert Vaughan

Quite day yesterday, but very bright and calm start to it. A male blackcap, 2 new reed buntings (a female in west town and a male in east town each day) hinted that there may be movement but that was it. The pied fly was still about, hunting from the playground early on. Had 2 redpolls a few times around west town but never showed well. 5 robins, song thrush, 6 chough, 2-3 kestrel and a merlin about. This morning is pretty miserable out here, rain and wind, will be off this evening.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Robert Vaughan 20th part two

A quite day with all day drizzle and fairly windy at times. The pied fly was still about, a few laplands and 2 redpoll flying around west town early on. Flushed an imm and ad water rail around the helipad, with another calling in Antons east patch. A knot was in the harbour this eve, with a single ringed plover earlier. Merlin and 2 kestrels about. Out to sea a few gannet, 2 kittiwake, a fulmar and 3 razorbill. 3 willow warbler also. 

Pied Flycatcher

Pied Flycatcher

Water Rail

Robert Vaughan 20th September

A new redpoll in west town. Looks good for Meally Redpoll

Gerard Murray 19th September

Some shots from yesterday



Pied Flycatcher

Greenland Redpoll

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

19th September

Hey Peter, great to see you and Ger out here today. Not too much to report you didn't have yourselves. 2 greenland redpoll ranging about west town, the lesser throat appeared again early morning, and an early goldcrest in the afternoon. 2 or 3 lapland buntings were up around the lighth-house, and I flushed a corncrake near the heli-pad. The juv stonechat was still about and nice views of Gers pied fly again this eve. 
Lapland Bunting

Monday, 18 September 2017

Robeet Baughan and Ralph Sheppard 18th September

Another nice day, bit of a clear out over night. 2 greenland redpoll became 3 this afternoon in west town. 20 twite were very flighty over the football pitch. A lapland at the east end never settled. Song thrush and redwing east end with 4 or 5 robins about today, atleast 3 yday. 2 kestrels, a juv sprok amd buzzard about, 1 manxie out to sea in an hour this eve! 2 wheatear and 7 chough. Had a spotty juv stonechat yday, not sure how local it was.


Greenland Redpoll

17th September Robert Vaughan

A good start with a lot of phylloscs. Quitened down afternoon and evening. Red throathed pipit at the south lake, flushed twice. Buffy lesser throat west town. 2 greenland polls, 2 whinbrel, 10 white wags, 10 willow, 10 chiff, 7 chough, kestrel, merlin and buzzard. Quite out to sea.

Lesser Whitethroat

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Red-throated Pipit

Robert Vaughan is on Tory for a few days. Best so far Red throated Pipit (2nd island record), 2 Greenland Redpolls, 1 Lesser Whitethroat amd plenty of willow/chiffchaff

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Lapland Buntings

A flock of at least five Lapand Bunting at the Lighthouse today. Grace Meenan had a Greenland Redpoll.