Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Chris Ingram and Seamus Feeney 1st and 2nd October

Hi Peter,

I was on Tory with Seamus Feeney on 1st and 2nd of October.  List as follows:

Red-throated Diver  1 seen from ferry
Heron  1 on 2nd over West Town
Mute Swan  2 on south lake
Whooper Swan  1 on south lake
Wigeon  8 on south lake
Teal  3 on south lake, 7 on east lake
Mallard  28 on east lake
Buzzard  1 on both days
Sparrowhawk  1 on 1st
Kestrel  1 both days
Merlin  1 on 2nd
Corncrake  1 on 2nd (Mickey Meenan)
Ringed Plover  2 on beach both days
Golden Plover  1 in west on 1st
Lapwing  1 on 1st
Dunlin  1 on beach on 2nd
Purple Sandpiper  1 on beach on 2nd
Snipe  3 in west on 1st
Redshank  4 on beach both days
Turnstone  c.30 on beach both days
Swallow  c.5 both days
Robin  1/2 both days
Wheatear  1/2 both days
Song Thrush  1 at magic bush on 2nd
Goldcrest  1 in hotel tree on 1st
Blackcap  1 in Grace's garden on 1st
Chiffchaff  1 on 2nd west town
Chough  2 around west both days
Linnet  1/2 both days
Goldfinch  2 west town on 2nd

Regards Chris

Linnet  1/2 each day

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