Sunday, 4 September 2016

Chris and Theo 1st -3rd September

Hi Peter,

Theo and I were on Tory on 1st until 3rd September. List as follows:

Little Grebe  Remains of a long dead bird between the south lake and the lighthouse was thought to be this species.
Fulmar  heavy passage on 2nd in SW winds.
Sooty Shearwater  At least two off the east on 2nd.
Manx Shearwater  Steady passage of small numbers of birds on 2nd.
Heron  1 on 2nd over west beach.
Mute Swan  Just one on south lake.
Whooper Swan  One 'paired' with Mute on south lake.
Teal  4 on east lake and few on south lake on 2nd
Tufted Duck  Surprisingly none present
Sparrowhawk  Female on 2nd and male on 3rd
Kestrel  1 on 2nd and 3rd
Ringed Plover  Small numbers maximum of c.10.
Golden Plover  2 at south lake area on 1st and 2nd
Sanderling  1 near south lake on 2nd
Dunlin  3 on east beach on 2nd, 2 at south lake on 2nd and 3 on beach on 3rd
Black-tailed Godwit  1 flying towards mainland from ferry on 1st
Curlew  Just one seen each day
Whimbrel  3 above west town on ist
Redshank  Maximum of 8 on beach
Turnstone  Maximum of c.25 on beach
Great Skua  1 off east on 2nd
Kittiwake  !st summer in harbour on 2nd and 3rd, probably moribund
Swallow  Movement noted on 1st and 3rd involving 30+ birds on both days
Meadow Pipit  Large numbers each day with totals across island of at least 100 birds
Pied Wagtail  7 around harbour on 3rd
White Wagtail  1 on beach between 1st and 3rd
Robin  1 calling in magic bush on 1st (TC)
Wheatear  1 on 1st and 3 on 2nd
Chough  4 together each day, presumably family party
Tree Sparrow  7 in east on 2nd
Linnet  4 near harbour on 3rd
Lapland Bunting  1 possibly 3 heard and seen briefly (TC)

Regards Chris

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