Sunday, 22 May 2016

Chris Ingram 18th May

Hi Peter,
I was on Tory on 18th, here's my list:
Great Northern Diver  2 off east,  5 seen from boat on 19th
Manx Shearwater  small numbers passing, c.20 feeding off lighthouse with terns and kittiwakes
Pinkfoot  1 on north lake
Greylag  2 on north lake
Shelduck  1 on east beach
Merlin  female in west
Dunlin  c.20 on west beach
Whimbrel  1
Black-headed Gull  29 at north lake, increase from last week
Little Tern  4
White Wagtail  3 on west beach
Garden Warbler  1 in Anton's garden
Chiffchaff  3
Rook  1 in east
Regards Chris

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