Friday, 15 April 2016

Chris and Theo 13th 14th April

Hi Peter,

Theo and I were on Tory on 13th and 14th April.  Here is our list:

Greylag Goose  31 in east on 13th. On 14th 7 flew north over west town and c.30 headed towards the mainland, presumably the flock seen yesterday.
Barnacle Goose  20 in fields in east.
Wigeon  A pair on south lake
Teal  6 in east on 13th and 6 in west on 14th
Tufted Duck  12 on west lakes
Eider  3 pairs offshore on 13th
Great Northern Diver  3 from boat on return crossing.
Manx Shearwater  4 from boat on 13th and 1 offshore on 14th
Heron  1 on south lake on 14th
Kestrel  1 on 14th
Peregrine  1 on 14th
Merlin  a female in west and a male in east on 14th
Ringed Plover  2 on beach on 13th and 38 at south lake on 14th
Golden Plover  14 on 13th and 3 on 14th
Dunlin  2 at south lake on 14th
Snipe  1 'chipping' on 14th
Black-headed Gull  1 on east beach on 13th and 12 at north lake on 14th
Lesser Black Back  2 in harbour on 14th
Puffin  small number off east on 13th and 5 seen from boat on 14th
Wood Pigeon  1 heard in east on 13th and later seen in Mickey Meenan's field (MM)
Collared Dove  1 around the island on 13th
Swallow  just two on 13th
Dunnock  1 on 14th (AM)
Robin  probably 4/5 around island
Wheatear  large numbers on 13th including 12 in one field in east. Smaller numbers on 14th
Redwing  c.30 on 13th, smaller numbers on 14th
Blackcap  1 in east on 14th
Chiffchaff  at least 5 on island both days
Goldcrest  at least 2 both days
Chough  1 seen in west and 2 in east
Jackdaw  2 around west town on 14th
Chaffinch  female in priests tree on 14th
Goldfinch  up to 6 both days
Linnet  1 calling on 13th
Twite  1 in east on 14th
Reed Bunting  1 on 14th

Regards Chris

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