Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Breeding birds 24th-25th June.

 I was on Tory Monday and Tuesday just passed to do a land based survey of the breeding birds. Four new species confirmed breeding; Black headed Gull, Eider, Sedge Warbler and Reed Bunting.

Thanks to Liz Mc Kenna who helped me with the survey on Monday.


Eider; female with 4 chicks in the harbour.
Tufted Duck; Female with 10 chicks at the lighthouse lake.
Black- headed Gull; 10 pairs with a minimum of 10 chicks at the lighthouse lake
Common Gull 160 adults attending nests with a minimum of 40 chicks
Little Tern; 8 birds mobbing other birds at a likely nesting site. Birds may be incubating.
Arctic Tern; 10 pairs nesting behind the lighthouse, including at least 2 birds incubating.
Peregrine; Pair on and off seen around the cliffs but no confirmation off breeding.
Buzzard; Pair at the cliffs behind West town.
Dunlin; 3 birds at the lighthouse lake.
6-8 pairs of Redshank
Sedge Warbler 2-3 pairs, including one bird carrying food.
Reed Bunting; 2-3 pairs including one bird carrying food.

Eider with ducklings



Sedge Warbler

 Plemty of recently fledged Whearearsaround the island. Unseasonal Whooper Swan and Iceland Gull also present. The only migrants were a single Chiffchaff at the east end and  up to 4 Collared Doves.

Iceland Gull

Whooper and Mute Swans

Collared Dove

Rock Pipit

 On the ferry over the best were 5 Storm Petrel. On the journey home just a single Manx Shearwater with at least 15 Storm Petrel and one Leach's Petrel following a small fishing boat between the islands.

Manx Shearwater

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