Wednesday, 25 April 2012

News from the 16th April

I took this from Birdforum by Mike Duckham visiting from Wales...

"Tory 16.4: v quiet. Cold strong N wind. Only had 2.5 hrs due to rather wayward scheduling of the ferries, and the strengthening wind.
White Wag - 2
Many Wheatear on territories.
Teal - pr
Tuftie - 1m 2f.
Purple Sand - 2.
Rock Dove - 12.
Dead swan - couldn't get closr but looked like Mute. Was within 30m of overhead phone lines by the largest pool.
Wren - 1.
Manx Shear - 2
Puffin - 2
Snipe 1.
Greenland Whitefront - 1. Last bird before yomping back to boat."

Manx Shearwater and Greenland White-fronted Goose are new for the year

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